Newport Beach Summer Bar Tour 2019 Recap

The sky was blue and white for our annual Newport Beach summer bar tour on 8/3/19. As is tradition, we started festivities by gathering at Baja Sharkeez in our reserved section. They offered Penn State fans a 2 for 1 drink special!

We then jumped over to Stag Bar for a quick one before popping up to the rooftop of our beach home bar, The Blue Beet. There, we enjoyed delicious, free appetizer sampler platters and took in the ocean views. It’s no secret we love this bar and can’t wait for football season to start!

Our next stop was The Beach Ball where some of us split to the basement for pool while others hung out upstairs to continue taking in the ocean breeze.

Our final stop was Mutt Lynch’s where our remaining crew was able to take over the back room and enjoy a yummy pizza plus Mutt’s locally famous Schooners. We had such a fun day with family, friends, and local alumni. It’s no wonder we do this every year!!

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